Using Latin at your school

For school teachers, Latin is very versatile. Schools or classrooms can request a unique login for their students, which in turn allows access to customised and dedicated features. These include a calendar, class-based forum space, resources section for class files, online tests, and the ability to monitor students’ individual use of Latin in class. All of this is managed by the teacher within the app.

Schools can also receive a discount on the app’s price through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program. More information is available at:

Finally, promotional download codes are available, should you wish to trial Latin for your school. When redeemed, they allow you to download Latin for free. Please note, however, that Apple provides a very limited number of these codes.

For more information on using Latin at your school or receiving a promotional code, contact us:

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For teachers already setup to use Latin, more information is available here:

Information for Teachers Using Latin