Unlike many similar applications, Latin can be customised to your individual, classroom, or educational facility’s needs, just send a message through the contact page.


The user interface has been meticulously crafted to create the optimal learning experience. Everything is easy to use, and most importantly, easy to understand.


Latin is aimed at students, and as such we have created targeted content. The features are limitless. Find out more in the app’s description.

Major Features

About the App

Latin is the ultimate Latin language learning application, providing you with unprecedented resources to learn the grammar, the language, and to gain a deeper understanding of the history. Each app is customised to the user, so as to provide the most intuitive interface.

Latin includes a vocabulary practice zone, and vocabulary test (based on P. B. Diederich’s thesis of the 300 most commonly used Latin words). And, on top of that, Latin includes a vocabulary generator, which generates vocabulary based on, and ordered on, the 600 most frequent words of texts – including Vergil’s (Virgil’s) Aeneid, Cicero’s In Catilinam, and many more.

Additionally, Latin includes a comprehensive, and most importantly, accurate and user friendly dictionary, as well as a parser/inflection tool. This advanced technology allows you to parse any Latin word, to voice, mood, person, gender, declension/conjugation, stem, and more.

For all users, various game options are available, including grammar, vocabulary, and history tests, and practise tests.

With over 20,000 pages of literature from dozens of texts and authors and English translations, Latin has a one of the most comprehensivedigital Latin literature libraries, which is perfect for anyone learning or studying the language and history.

Latin includes a built in word processor, involving a side by side word processor and note taking area. As well as this, a text parser allows you to enter text and parse, and define, each word.

Exercises are a brand new feature, and are now organised into dozens of different grammar based categories. They have had amazing results when used by students.

To help you learn Latin, a series of videos are included. These videos are developed by a Latin expert, and combined with the app allow for interaction with the language.

…and a much more!

Latin also includes a resources and a calendar area for users under a school license. All resources are able to be opened next to a text editor, creating the capability of advanced mobile multi-tasking

Teachers can track students usage of the app through an option called ‘statuses’, as well as monitoring vocabulary, and test results and performance. Teachers and can add files, calendar events, and updates, all from within the application, and for users who have setup the application through a school, a full files list and calendar area is inbuilt.

Once Latin has been purchased, it will be available on other iOS devices, using the same account, so you can have the portability of an iPhone, and the productivity of an iPad, in one unified application.

The utmost detail has been put into creating the best, most sophisticated, and most useful Latin application available, and we are sure that you will be delighted with the results!